Yein Son explores and examines the constructed skin and surface within what can loosely be described as a painting practice. The manipulation of painterly materials and the processes employed are connected to the philosophical approaches of Korean Monotone Painting movement, and its interest in a particularly Asian perspective on abstraction. Recent works investigate, in various ways, the on-going relationship between 'doing & undoing', and a range of ink staining techniques that address forms of materiality and immateriality. In these works, subtle and ambiguous figurative imagery exists on, ‘within’ and behind the paintings’ sensitively multi-layered surfaces with suggestion and absence. She has experimented and developed her own voice through her interest in, and research into, Helen Frankenthaler, Paul Klee, William Blake, and Korean Dansaekwha. She was born and raised in Korea and works and lives in Seoul and London. She received her BFA from Ewha Woman’s University and MFA at Newcastle University. She is currently a PhD candidate at the Slade School of Fine Art, UCL (University College London). 

[Methods] Painting/Drawing/Printmaking/Paper-cut/Collage/Installation

[Motifs] Anatomy/Human figure/Dream analysis/Biblical metaphor/ The concept of palimpsest